Melbourne Grand Prix Weekend

Chris suffered a disastrous weekend in the non-championship round, at the Australian Grand Prix.

Chris has suffered a broken right leg, and the team is left with a 'tub' that has potentially unrepairable damage.

The team was racing at Albert Park as a support category at the Grand Prix, where no championship points would be awarded. The weekend consisted of single practice and qualifying sessions, and three races between Thursday and Saturday.

Ahead of the final race, on Saturday afternoon, Gilmour gambled on the race being run in dry conditions. However, fate was dangerously against them, and it began to pour rain on the warm-up lap, giving Gilmour no chance of changing to rain tyres.

On the second lap of the race, Gilmour spun, and was left stationary on the track. Mat Sofi came across the scene, and had no chance of avoiding Gilmour's car. The race was immediately stopped, and not restarted.

Television screens across Australia flashed the frightening live images as medical staff and marshals surrounded the car, before they were able to extract Chris Gilmour from the car.

Sofi's car had struck Gilmour between the sidepod and suspension, directly on the monocoque, behind which Gilmour's legs sat. Gilmour's F301 Dallara tub was punctured, and was left with a large gash in the side of the car.

Inside of the car, Chris Gilmour did not fare much better. As his car was hit, a support hoop inside of the car gave-in, and Gilmour's right fibula was broken. The fibula has sustained a four-inch long facture.

Miraculously, the leg does not need to be reset, or placed in a cast. The fibula will be left to heal naturally.

The team's manager, Errol Gilmour, has been in contact with the chassis manufacturer, Dallara, to see if the damage to the monocoque is repairable. The team expects an answer next week.

Until the damage to the car is properly assessed, and Chris Gilmour's leg can be monitored for progress, it is impossible to tell what lays ahead for Gilmour Racing.

Gilmour Racing is eternally grateful to the medical staff at Albert Park, who provided Chris with medical attention that is without doubt world-class. Gilmour Racing would like to express their thanks to not only to all the medical staff and marshals on the scene at Melbourne, but to everyone that has sent their best wishes to Chris and the team since the crash.

For their support, Gilmour Racing would also like to thank Kumho, PM Lubricants, Revolution Racegear and Gilmour Developments.

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